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  • Welcome to VTSVS.COM. We will work with you to keep your IT solutions simple and you safe!.

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    Small Networking Assistant

    "Keeping IT Simple"

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    Small Networking Assistant

    "Keeping IT Simple"

  • Keeping IT Simple for your residential or commercial, web design, networking, and surveillance needs.

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    Small Networking Assistant

    "Keeping IT Simple"

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    Small Networking Assistant

    "Keeping IT Simple"

  • If you have any questions or need help. Please feel free to call (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm.

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    Small Networking Assistant

    "Keeping IT Simple"

Keeping IT Simple And You Safe.

We can help you with the design or redesign of your website, your computer issues, and your surveillance video system needs. Working with you from start to finish. Keeping in mind available current technologies and customizing those technologies in order to save you money. Getting a variety of system components in most cases at cost. For all types of budgets.

The first step is easy, just give us a call (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or use our contact us online!

Before buying your video surveillance equipment, here are some factors to consider:
1.) Do you want a indoor, outdoor or both indoor and outdoor system?
2.) Decide on the number of cameras and their features to meet your needs - (infrared, indoor or outdoor etc.
3.) Where do you want yours cameras positioned, they should be placed to optimize the features selected.
4.) The correct recording system (DVR)(NVR), with the correct size storage for your system system.

Does buying video surveillance equipment require a lot of technical knowledge? No not really, but it does require a bit of research and knowledge of what type of cameras you will need and the right digital or network video recording system to use.

Remember this - "Your system is only as good as the image it produces!"

You can find home surveillance equipment in electronic stores and speciality monitoring shops. Online shoppers can turn to Internet retailers and online auction sites to buy video security systems but be careful on what you buy. Let us help you.

First time buyers considering surveillance equipment for the home or business may feel a bit overwhelmed.- With our help however you as the consumer can start to feel more confident about your installed video surveillance system purchase.

Let us help you with your first step! It is just a call (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or use our contact us online!

What We Do.

Small Networking Assistant - VTSVS.COM provides a variety of IT solutions for residential and commercial needs. Focusing on implementing and maintaining a "Keep IT Simple" ideology and approach.

Computers, Networks, and CCTV systems can be beyond the lay persons abilities when they don't work in the "plug and play" mode for the end user. This is where we step in, let us help you by Keeping IT Simple and You Safe!

Call us (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or contact us online! for a FREE consult(Limitations Apply)


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Web Design.

Small Networking Assistant - VTSVS.COM started with providing customized web design for members of the community at an affordable web design. Get on the World Wide Web. If you like this web site's feel and look, let us know (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or contact us online!.

Network Infrastructure.

We can install or upgrade your current low voltage infrastructure. CAT5, CAT6, COAX Cable and with dependable licensed electricians at our disposal installing your systems can be a simple as giving us a call (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or contact us online!.

Surveillance Systems Design.

VTSVS.COM - stands for VirTual Surveillance Video Systems, simply put it was a shorter domain name in order to keep things simple and a means that would add a branch of service by providing video surveillance systems installations.
View A Live Panasonic BL-C210
Call (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or contact us online! to view other systems.

Networking Systems.

Small Networking Assistant can help you with installing infrastructure and implementing network components for your residential and business networking. Call us (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or contact us online! for a FREE consult(Limitations Apply).


Call us (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or contact us online! for a FREE consult(Limitations Apply) Call to make an appointment (Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm).

About Small Networking Assistant - VTSVS.COM.

Started in 2007 - Small Networking Assistant was started for the simple reason of making Information Technologies(IT) support simple as well as providing the support in a manner that is affordable for the end user/consumer.

Our Process.

The process is simple. Call us at (802)465-8228 or (802)417-1445 and/or use our online contact page or if we are online, chat with us!. We'll work with you and hopefully guide you through your surveillance or networking needs.

My Goal.

Oscar Gardner - Small Networking Assistant - a veteran with a background in avionics, electronics, security, law enforcement, law enforcement IT systems, computer technologies, decided to couple his years of experience and training with his IT knowledge to assist the needs of his community.

My goal is to offer my services in a reliable way that makes Vehicle Upfitting, Web Design, Video Surveillance, and IT solutions simple. Hopefully allowing you to feel safer at home or at your business.

The Approach

Provide you with reliable and efficient IT solutions. While using a team approach, working with you as a team member. Keeping you involved and us on the right path in achieving your surveillance, networking, web design to project completion. Simply put - "Keeping IT Simple and You Safe".

Our Mission.

Simply put, availing you with reliable and affordable IT Solutions or Video Surveillance needs at home or for your business.

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